About Us

We are Founders of Keep Evolving, Specialists in Leadership and Personal Development. 

The Blogger - Jo Flynn

"I live in such a privileged environment. It calls to me to evolve and contribute.
And I’m keen to provide resources and support for anyone on that life-long journey toward evolution of self. There are times when the very most I can manage is a 2 minute meditation in a single week. Other times when I long for a committed, focussed program with the community of like-minded others. Some days I just want the facts – to be enamoured of the learning. Other times its all about praxis – how does this information explain what I’m experiencing? How is it useful? 

Ultimately I want to connect with others who agree that being useful in the world, exhibiting authentic power and integrity, is a thoroughly intoxicating way to live."

And the assignments are devised by:
StJohn Miall

"For the last 30 years or so I have been supporting people going on the courageous journey of coming to terms with their humanness and their humanity while at the same time exploring and pursuing their life in a purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling way.

Over time I have learned many lifeskills that can help, whether it be in developing more effective leadership within the workplace, deeper, more fulfilling relationships with those they love or simply coming to terms with being a human being in this often confusing and challenging world."